Amateur developer Dopply has remade Wand Of Gamelon and The Faces Of Evil from the ground up using the original sprites while adding in some modern features
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In case you are not familiar with the infamous Zelda CDi allow me to enlighten you. Back in 1993, three games were created for the Zelda series on the Phillips CDi; The Faces Of Evil, Wand Of Gamelon and Zelda’s Adventure. The latter of those is arguably the most infamous in gaming culture but all three of them share two common features: they are not considered Zelda canon by Nintendo, and they are considered the three worst games in the entire franchise. Just take a look at the intro to Wand Of Gamelon.

The games are awkward to play, both in terms of controls and in actual game mechanics. So it was somewhat surprising to me when I read a Eurogamer article reporting that someone had remade Wand Of Gamelon and The Faces Of Evil. Amateur developer Dopply spent four years of free time remaking the two games. The sprites used are from the original games, however, both have been made from the ground up. Dopply’s versions feature widescreen mode, remastered mode (for easier gameplay), subtitles and unlockables.

What started as a joke between friends, became a somewhat passion project for an amateur developer. For those of you who want to try the games out for yourself, check out Dopply’s Twitter or click the embedded tweet below. The games are certainly interesting, and it will be even more interesting to see how Dopply managed with the remakes as well as what this means for Dopply in the future.

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