Bandai Namco have given Xenoverse 2 a release date of October 25th for consoles, and October 28th for PC
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Bandai Namco have confirmed the release date of Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse 2, and it’s sooner than you may think. Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse 2 is set to release on October 25th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and October 28th for PC. Bandai Namco also announced that DJ Steve Aoki will be working with the team as a musical contributor. Aoki will also be available as a  non playable character in the game when it releases.

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Aoki will be responsible for remixing some of the classic DBZ songs, such as “We Gotta Power”. Players can find Aoki’s character is available in the game’s main city hub, named Conton. GameSpot report that Xenoverse 2 will feature some new changes such as improvements to the customisation system, and a larger city hub. The game will also feature scenes from the series’ past, such as the annihilation of Bardok (father of Raditz and Goku) by Frieza.

I personally stopped playing DBZ: Xenoverse after a little while because Fallout 4 took over. But I’m unsure of what to think of this sequel. Part of me is excited but part of me feels a sequel isn’t necessary. Maybe because I haven’t completed the first game. What do you think of a Xenoverse sequel? Let us know in the comments!

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