Microsoft's Xbox One S 2TB model arrived in the UK recently, and very quickly sold out. More models are coming soon reportedly.
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Microsofts stepping stone console the Xbox One S arrived in the UK this week, then disappeared again. With stocks depleted shoppers turned to EBay in search of the 2TB launch edition and found it came at quite a price. £650 to be exact. That’s a £300 mark up AND there’s £20 p&p. Bargain.

Is the Xbox One S worth £670? In a word, no. but it is a nice piece of kit, let’s break it down.

  • Size – 40% smaller than you’d think. If you’re thinking of the Xbox One.
  • Colour – ‘Robot White’
  • Touch Sensitive Power Button – No, people hate that.
  • Sticky Out Power Button – Yes, a thousand times yes.
  • Giant Power Brick – In the bin, now internal.
  • Controller – Now Bluetooth enabled so you can talk to Siri, and by Siri I mean Cortana.
  • Works Horizontally – Still yes.
  • Works Vertically – Now yes, suck it regular Xbox One.
  • Kinect – port removed, IR Blaster now on the front.
  • HDR Visuals – Only on supported games and videos.
  • 4K – on supported Blu-rays, apps and movies.
  • More 4K – upscaling for games.
  • Better Performance? – GPU performance boost on some games.

See, it’s pretty nice. It may be sold out but don’t fret, we’ll get more. Plus that’s only the 2TB version, there’s another two models not even released yet. The 500 MB and 1TB versions are scheduled to be released on the 23rd of August.

Are you thinking of getting an Xbox One S or are you just going to wait until the mysterious ‘Project Scorpio’ is released next year? Let us know in the comments below.

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