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Microsoft has confirmed to Game Informer that the price of Xbox Live Gold will increase in six countries. Players in Austria, Hungary, Israel, South Africa, Sweden, and Turkey will probably experience a price increase of Microsoft’s Xbox Live in the not so distant future.

Game Informer received an email from a South African fan, who publisized the price increase. The email said that the price would triple from R50 ($3.25 USD) to R159 ($10.33 USD). Microsoft confirmed with the following statement.


“We occasionally update pricing in a given market to provide a balance of service and value, and in some instances, meet currency fluctuations within the region, and will be adjusting the price of Xbox Live Gold subscription in a small number of markets on June 20, 2016. We do so always keeping in mind that our goal is to offer our members the premium gaming and entertainment service at a fair price.”

Xbox Live costs about $10 in the United States and it sounds as if Microsoft is trying to get about that much from everyone. The other pricings have yet to be revealed, but they should be released at a later date.

Will any of you be affected by the price increase? Regardless, what are your thoughts on the topic? Let us know below!

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