The final review of 20th Century Fox's X-Men Apocalypse shows promise for the film when it premieres on May 18, 2016 (United Kingdom) May 20, 2016 (India) May 27, 2016 (United States) click to see what our author thought.
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Earlier this week the final trailer for this year’s highly anticipated addition to the X-Men Universe dropped. So I thought I would give you guys my thoughts. I want to break my thoughts down into two sections. The first being an overview of the trailer if you wish to see the movie but want to avoid final trailer spoilers. The second part being a spoiler talk about the trailer.

 My overall thoughts on this movie from the trailers are that it looks freaking amazing, the new blood that they have fused into the franchise looks awesome in their roles. This means we can get plenty more wonderful X-Men stories out of them. Which is great because there are so many great stories in the X-Men lore just waiting to be told. If you are a fan of the franchise and you want to know what how it will hold up against its predecessor, Days of Future Past. It looks like a true sequel to Future Past with the same tension and new threat from the comics mixing well with the new cast of mutants. For those of you that are jumping onto the franchise at this point you will thoroughly be entertained with the new addition to the franchise and will hopefully become a lifelong fan.

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This trailer is the best Apocalypse trailer so far. One of the reasons being it confirmed a casting rumor that started a couple months ago. The rumor stated that when the film was doing reshoots, Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine was also in town. Many people assumed that this meant Wolverine was actually going to be in the film. This trailer confirmed it with one of its closing shots. Which on its own could have made the trailer. Another reason that this trailer is the best so far is that it shows off Quicksilver’s humor. Which is one of the better parts of the characters. One of the final reasons this trailer is the best out of the main three is that it shows off everyone’s powers which helps introduce the new mutants.

So those are my thoughts on the trailer comment your thoughts down below so we can all nerd out together.

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