Recently we attended a preview event for Wired Productions, and got to play some of their upcoming games!
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Recently I was invited to the UKIE office in London to play a preview of some of the games currently in development, soon to be published by Wired Productions. We’ve spoken about Wired Productions a few times on this site, and they have a good track record. Victor Vran, The Town of Light and GRIP were all great games. I played three games while I was there, and while I only played a small preview of each it was definitely enough to wet my whistle and colour me curious about the games.

Deliver Us The Moon

Deliver Us The Moon was the first game I played at the preview. Releasing back in October 2019 on PC, the game takes place in the near future. Earth has burned through all of its resources, and in an effort to satisfy the energy needs of the planet countries band together to form the World Space Agency. The WSA begin an operation to colonize the Moon and use the Moon’s reserves of Helium-3 to solve Earth’s energy crisis. However, communications with the Moon are suddenly lost. Earth is quite literally left in the dark, with no energy source and no idea what happened on the Moon. Now years later, you play as an astronaut tasked with journeying to the Moon and uncovering what happened.

Deliver Us The Moon
Environmental story-telling plays a key part in Deliver Us The Moon’s story

In terms of gameplay, the game is a mix of puzzle-solving and environmental story-telling. In the section I played, you were powering up a ship to leave the Earth and begin your journey to the Moon. The backstory was explained via newspaper clippings and such in the environment, and dialogue between the characters. Puzzles weren’t particularly hard to solve, however, this was an early section of the game so things may become harder as the game goes on. An intriguing story, wrapped in mystery certainly had me interested. The fact that ray-tracing was added to the PC version as well is a very, very nice touch. Deliver Us The Moon is available now on PC and will be available on PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

  • Deliver Us The Moon
  • Deliver Us The Moon

The Falconeer

Next up was The Falconeer. The Falconeer is described as “an ocean-world fantasy aerial combat RPG”. While a mouthful, that does perfectly sum up the game and it’s premise. The game combines dog-fighting with in-air acrobatics to create a challenging yet fun gaming experience. You play as a Falconeer, a warrior who flies through the air defeating enemies with its devastating firepower.

The Falconeer features a lot of lore, laying out the connections between the rival factions, as well as hinting at hidden treasures around the world. When fighting it is possible to change the type of ammo used. You do this by flying into lightning storms, and this charges your ammo. You can make the ammo incendiary if you so wish. However, it is possible to overcharge the ammo, so that is something you have to be careful of. When taking fire, it is possible to become set on fire, but a quick swoop into the ocean below will quash those flames. These are just a few features that I managed to experience during my short time with the game, but I know that there are many more features planned in the future for the game. Set to release later this year on PC and Xbox One, this is one for those of you looking for something with a cool art-style and challenging gameplay.

Those Who Remain

To wrap up the event we had Those Who Remain. Players take control of Edward, a man trying to piece his life back together after everything fell apart. Travelling to the sleepy town of Dormont in an attempt to make all right again, Edward finds that the sleepy town is now riddled with secrets and strange disappearances. The main bullk of the gameplay sees the player learn the story via interacting with their surroundings.

Through this you learn of Edward’s past, and will eventually uncover the secrets of Dormont. However this game is more than just a walking sim, with some psyhcological horror splashed into it. The game also features some clever puzzle mechanics. The town of Dormont is filled with strange creatures which will attack Edward if he gets too close. The key to passing them lies in using light to light up the path, thus making the creatures disappear. There is also an interetsing element that involves entering another world, similar to the Upside-Down in Stranger Things. Say a car door wont open, and you need the headlights to light a path. It may be, as in the case of the preview, that in the parallel world something is blocking that car door. By moving whatever is blocking the door in the parallel world, the player can now access the car in the real world.

Set to release later this year on Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, this game is one for those of you looking for a little horror in your life. An intriguing story, coupled with clever puzzle mechanics make Those Who Remain very promising.

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