The Witcher 3 Wine And Blood May Release Soon

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If a listing on Steam is to be believed, then The Witcher 3’s second expansion pack Wine And Blood is set to release May 30th,or May 31st. People are still unsure of the release date listed, as two were apparently found. Twitter user Wario64 tweeted the picture below.


Users on NeoGAF have been discussing the release dates. NeoGAF user Delaney stated that “It said May 31st for EU countries (I saw it), people are saying it showed May 30th for NA.” This is entirely possible. Releasing titles on different dates in different parts of the world is not a new concept in the world of gaming.

Just two minutes after the initial tweet from Wario64, he tweeted again stating that the the page had already been taken down and tweeted an image of his screen capture of the page.

the witcher 3

Either way, assuming this is true the end of May seems to be a lot closer than many imagined the game would release. Are you excited for the next expansion of The Witcher 3? What do you love most about the game? Let us know below in the comments!

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