It Will Take 4500+ Hours To Unlock Everything In Battlefront II

Battlefront II
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According to the website, it will take 4528 hours of gameplay to unlock everything in Battlefront II. Now this is a rough estimate, and is dependant on several things. The math is based on the player having all cards in their possession at level 3, having 0 credits in their possession and having no crafting parts left. The math also ignores the time it takes to get to level 3, to unlock all heroes and to unlock all daily crates.

According to Soeren Kamper, the post’s author, unlocking everything will require 3,111 loot crates. That’s a lot of gameplay. However it is possible to buy loot crates in Battlefront II, but this requires Crystals. These can be bought with real money, and serves as a quicker way to get loot crates. The 3,111 loot crates will require 248, 880 Crystals. Assuming that you buying the $100 pack of Crystals every time (to get the most for your money), this would cost $2,100.

This is not great news for Battlefront II. The game is already in the firing line for the progression system the game uses, and the game’s use of loot crates itself is under scrutiny. Things have been taken a bit too far, with reports emerging of some of the game’s developers reportedly receiving death threats, however it’s easy to understand why people are annoyed. One NeoGAF user stated that people shouldn’t be annoyed, as “You don’t have to get everything, you’re not even meant to with games like this and FTP titles, so these types of grand totals are kind of meaningless”.

Do you agree with this opinion? Or do you feel that the ability to unlock everything in game is something that should be more achievable? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet us @games_bulletin!

For those wanting to see the math, you can check out the post. If that site is down, use this archive.

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