Wii U’s Project Giant Robot Cancelled

project giant robot
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Project Giant Robot, the last first-party game in development for Wii U, is now officially cancelled.

The news of the game’s cancellation is the latest of a series of announcements about the Wii U, following the global end of production of the console and the confirmation that Breath Of The Wild is the last first-party title to be released on it.

The game was one of the tech demos showcased at the E3 2014, meant to take advantage of the Wii U’s gamepad. While the other project presented eventually became Start Fox Guard, Project Giant Robot remained in development and was never given a final title.

Project Giant Robot put the player in control of a robot set in destroying and knocking down any obstacle and enemy in its way. The game’s rules were simple: if you knock down the enemy, you win. If the enemy knocks you down, you lose.

The robot’s movements followed the movements the player made with the gamepad. Its arms could be controlled with the analog sticks to punch and shoot lasers while the player struggled to maintain the robot’s equilibrium. The robot had 13 customizable parts and any alterations made to it affected its performance in-game.

It’s been in development since 2014 and originally set to for release in 2015. But it was quietly delayed with no specific date until now.

While it’s understandable that Nintendo is cancelling this project as part of the efforts to focus on the upcoming Switch, it’s a pity that this project couldn’t be finished or make the jump onto the new console.

What are your thoughts on this? As a Wii U owner, were you looking forward to this game?

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