Chritian Dailey, director at BioWare Austin, tweeted out a series of concept art images that show off the games new faction and their base.
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A while back, BioWare, the developer on Anthem, stated they were doing an overhaul to the game. This week we got a glimpse into what this new 2.0 version of Anthem might contain. Christian Daily, the director of BioWare Austin, revealed a new faction called Pirates of Blood Wind.


This concept art shows the Grenadier, a character with a series of explosives attached to his belt and a rocket on his shoulder. The character also resembles a mechanized pirate.

Christian Dailey also tweeted out a picture giving us a glimpse of what the factions base might look like in Anthem.

Daily mentioned that the team is looking to improve Anthems matchmaking systems as well as bringing fresh new areas to the games world.

BioWare Austin is now tasked to develop this relaunch of Anthem at some point. There is no word on how far along this is or when this updated version will come into the light. How do you all feel about Anthem currently? What do you think about a relaunched version of the game? Let us know on Twitter @Games_Bulletin.

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