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What Happened At The End Of The Fortnite Countdown?

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Fortnite’s strange countdown finally reached its end but, what could that mean for the island and the players trapped on it?

We have all been watching the countdown and it has finally ended. At the end of the timer, a rocket was launched from Anarchy Acres, exploded and left a tear in the sky similar to a portal opening. More cracks seem to be appearing after so much time since the launch of the rocket.

The countdown in Fortnite was a one-time event so if you missed it then you’ll have to watch it on youtube or read about it here. There is speculation that this event will have something to do with the launch of Season 5 since there is just one more week of challenges¬†left in Season 4.

So let us get into what happened when the timer reached zero. A rocket was launched from the evil lair back in Anarchy Acres. As this was happening lasers started to target Tilted Towers but, before the rocket destroyed Tilted, it hit an invisible barrier and was teleported to another location and exploded and caused a rift in the sky, made some electric anomalies pop up and weird portal like things also showed up around the map.

There is not yet news on what any of this could mean. The rocket was launched instead of new playground mode that was delayed for another few weeks. We will just have to wait and see what happens within the next few weeks for the game. Though new small things continue to update daily such as more cracks appearing and more portals popping up every day. Season 4 will end on July 9 which will likely be when we learn more information about what is coming next.

Are you excited to see what happens? Were you able to watch the event live? What do you speculate will happen? Let me know your theories in the comments below!

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