Rumour: Watchdogs 2 To Release In November

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According to website PureXbox Watchdogs 2 is set to release later this year. November 15th to be exact. PureXbox report that a banner was spotted over IGN’s site (shown below) showing the release date. Clicking the banner reportedly took you to Ubisoft’s main website for Watchdogs 2 where a countdown timer showed counting down to the official reveal trailer. The banner appears just one day before the official world reveal on June 8th.

watchdogs 2
Image courtesy of PureXbox

The banner seems to confirm an earlier rumour that started when an Instagram post was spotted by user thekingcort posted an image that was reportedly the new character for Watchdogs. The account was switched to private but a cached version was available and the image could be viewed there.

watchdogs 2

It seems that these rumours of a new protagonist are pretty much confirmed but we’ll see tomorrow with the official reveal. What do you guys think of the new protagonist? Are you excited for Watchdogs 2? Let us know in the comments!

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