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Nintendo have released their animated short, Star Fox Zero The Battle Begins in to coincide with the release of Star Fox Zero and it has not disappointed fans. The 15 minute short ties in with the first level of the game with an epic battle and gorgeous animation.

The short shows villain Andross attempting to kidnap General Pepper from the city of Corneria before the old team jump into their ships to protect him with an epic scale dogfight! The old team are all together, Fox and Falco are as heroic as ever, Slippy is still annoying and Peppy is still a grump. The short has some humour, from Falco playing Star Fox 64 on a games console (badly!) and Slippy missing the ship at the end of the shortcut tunnel. There’s also a little twist at the end to keep you guessing!

The short is bound to reignite some nostalgia in old school gamers I’m sure Nintendo are hoping it will bring a few more sales. For more information on the game, click here.

How do you feel about the trailer? Will you be purchasing Star Fox Zero this weekend? Let us know below!

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