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Today we saw the first reveal trailer for Watch Dogs 2. As a follow-up to the 2014 title set in Chicago, this time the game will bring us to the foggy San Francisco and surrounding Bay Areas. Watch Dogs 2 will once again throw you into the shoes of a hacker. The main protagonist of the game is Marcus Holloway, an African-American man from Oakland. Marcus is a very gifted hacker and try’s to use his skills with an interest in societal impact to write the wrongs he sees as he grows up. Marcus is part of a hacker group called DedSec. Being a part of this group Marcus will find and team up with other members of DedSec. We see that Watch Dogs 2 really emphasizes team effort rather than the lone wolf approach from Aiden Pierce, the original Watch Dogs’ protagonist.

We see that Marcus is very different from Aiden Pierce. Marcus is much more athletic and very outgoing. We even see this in his weapon choice which is just a thin rope wound through a billiard ball.

Creative director Jonathan Morin said,

“He is going to feel completely different than Aiden. There is a different flow to his approach. Marcus is much more expressive, both in his behavior and his fighting style.”

Watch Dogs 2

With this new protagonist, Marcus has lots of new gadgets at his disposal. He has a “quadcopter” which is used as a scout drone, and remote-controlled car. As stated before the protagonist this time around is much more athletic. Marcus’s acrobatic skills allows him jump between buildings and leap over walls.

In the previous Watch Dogs the objects and people you could hack were limited. Watch Dogs 2 is said to have a “fully hackable world.” Each and every phone and car can be used to further Marcus’ aim.

A major new mechanic that is being introduced in Watch Dogs 2 is cooperative play. By just exploring San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, you can encounter other players that can help you with different DedSec missions along the way.

Bélanger said,

“You can play the entire game in multiplayer. We have a world that encourages you to explore the Bay Area, and it rewards you for meeting other people in the world, playing cooperatively, and completing quests to gain followers for DedSec. We’re encouraging the world building team to push all of their ingredients farther.”


Another mechanic that is going to see change in Watch Dogs 2 is the driving. Senior producer Dominic Guay stated,

“We looked at high level things we could address from the first game, but also minor aspect that we could fix. Driving was one of those things. We’re going for less of a simulation feel this time. We want you to drive around the massive world. If we tried to control everything in Watch Dogs 2, we would die,” Guay said laughing. From the beginning, we wanted to give the player control. We’re saying here is the world. It’s your plan, your game. Do what you want with it.”

Watch Dogs 2 is set to release on November 15, 2016 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

What do you guys think about all the different changes we will be getting in Watch Dogs 2? How do you feel about the new protagonist Marcus Holloway?  Let us know in the comments below.

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