I was recently invited to the preview of Victor Vran's console release. Here are my thoughts.
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I was lucky enough to be invited to the preview event for the console release of Victor Vran recently to play the game and it’s upcoming expansions. The game released on PC back in July 2015, and is now making it’s way to console in the form of the Overkill Edition. This edition features the base Victor Vran game, as well as the Fractured Worlds expansion and the Motorhead: Through The Ages expansion. Let’s start a bit by discussing the game, and then we’ll go into the expansions more.

Victor Vran

Victor Vran

The easiest way to explain Victor Vran is to ask you think of Van Helsing. Victor Vran is set in a Gothic world riddled with demons, and the player is tasked with eliminating them. It’s very much a dungeon crawler game mixed with an action RPG. The first thing that caught my interest was that the game lacks a class system. Players simply choose which spells they want to use, which weapons they want to equip and off they go. On their merry way to hack and slash at the demonic threat in the game’s city of Zagoravia.

The game gives the impression of being a simple hack and slash, however it isn’t a case of simply holding down the attack button and moving through an area. The player must distance themselves from some enemies and, in my time with Victor Vran, I actually found myself using the roll button just as much as the attack button.

In the time I spent with the game there wasn’t much more to it than that. The game was a joy to play, and not being locked into a class was a nice touch. The need to dodge broke up the quickly tedious gameplay and brought new life to my interest in the game and kept me playing. Due to the fact that the game has been on PC for a while, the developers seemed very happy with the base game and so a lot of emphasis was placed on the expansions.

Victor Vran


As I said in the beginning, there are 2 expansions to the game. The first we’ll talk about is actually the one I played the least; Fractured Worlds. The Fractured Worlds expansion promises to have procedurally generated levels for players to combat, which change on a regular basis. The idea behind this is that there will always be something fresh for fans of Victor Vran to play. There was also the addition of the Talismans.

The Talismans are powerful items that Victor can wear which charge up over time and then unleash these awesome special effects when activated. The Talismans must be crafted using the exact ingredients listed in the recipe. It was an interesting experience, and the procedurally generated should keep Victor Vran players occupied.

However as a massive fan of rock, metal and everything badass, I went to the preview because of the Motorhead DLC. I am a fan of the band and the expansion promised to take the player through the history of the band. I went in optimistic that this expansion wasn’t just a cash grab using the band’s fame to push the content.

At first I was not too happy with the expansion. The expansion starts in a pub (naturally) with creator of the Toxic Avenger Llyod Kaufman as the bartender, and Lemmy (bassist and lead singer of the band) sitting in the corner. The rest of the world is soaked in nods to the band, such as a warpig boss and the Orgasmatron appearing as a boss. The player can cause a tower of amps to appear which causes all enemies to begin head-banging. Yes it is as awesome as it sounds.

I assumed that this was simply a push to make money for the game. It wasn’t until my interview with the developers that I began to change my mind. In speaking with them they explained that they stumbled across the fact that Motorhead music synced up well with the game when playing it. Who would’ve guessed that demon slaying and good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll were a good combo. Suddenly everything clicked into place.

Victor Vran

Lloyd was in the game because he was a long time friend of Lemmy. Lemmy had helped Kaufman on a number of projects, and Kaufman respected Lemmy because he put his reputation on the line to help independent art. The warpig and Orgasmatron are icons of the band and rightfully deserved a place. Even the worlds made sense; the 3 worlds were based upon themes the band had sung about during their career. What seems like a cash grab on the surface is actually a meticulously and well thought out tribute to one of the greatest and legendary rock bands of all time. I can’t really say much more than that without spoiling it but I can say this. Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of Motorhead, the expansion is great. As with Fractured Worlds it breathes new life in the game and is sure to either keep you playing Victor Vran after you complete the base game, or will keep your interest high when interest in the main game starts to fall.

Overall, I would say that Victor Vran is a good purchase for most gamers. Fans of action RPGs will love the game from the get go. Those of you who don’t mind an action RPG will find yourself using Victor Vran to break up whatever you regularly play. However those of you who know you dislike the genre will not find yourself enjoying this game, but I will leave you with this thought. If a friend you know offers you the controller to play Victor Vran, don’t dismiss it immediately. The game has a certain unexplainable charm to it that may well change your mind.

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