Riot has revealed their new upcoming character in Valorant, Yoru who is an infiltrating duelist. Yoru will be available on Janurary 12.
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Riot has revealed its new upcoming character in Valorant, an infiltrating duelist named Yoru. No gameplay has been released, but Riot has shown off a new cinematic trailer as well as new screenshots.

Yoru uses a variety of tools to reposition himself and create fakeouts.

Riot has also released Yoru’s abilities and how he will work in Valorant.

  • C: FAKEOUT Equip an echo that mimics footsteps when activated. Fire to activate and send the echo forward. Alt fire to place an echo in place. Use the inactive echo to send it forward.
  • E: GATECRASH Equip to harness a rift tether. Fire to send the tether out moving forward. Alt fire to place a tether in place. Activate to teleport to the tether’s location.
  • Q: BLINDSIDE Equip to rip an unstable dimensional fragment from reality. Fire to throw the fragment, activating a flash that winds up once it collides with a hard surface in the world.
  • X: DIMENSIONAL DRIFT Equip a mask that can see between dimensions. Fire to drift into Yoru’s dimension, unable to be affected or seen by enemies from the outside.

Yoru arrives in Valorant on January 12th as part of Episode 2 Act 1, which runs through May 1st. There is also a new battlepass that includes 12 gun skins, one melee skin, gun buddies, cards, sprays, and titles. What are your thoughts on this new addition to the game? How do you think Yoru’s abilities will mix up competitive matches? Let us know on Twitter @Games_Bulletin.

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