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We all experience those days where there just is not anything to play, usually happens when its the slow time of year when games are not being pushed out left and right. If you’re ever experiencing that feeling, then I have the perfect list of games for you. These are of course my top 10 favorite games that I personally love and can play over and over.

10.  TearAway


TearAway is a game for the Vita that I thought I was going to hate, since usually I don’t really like games like it. But nonetheless I had some Gamestop credit and I paid next to nothing for it (since the Vita doesn’t have an immense library of games anyways). TearAway was amazing, very unique. Unlike anything I have ever played before, also it takes pictures of you during gameplay…so I don’t recommend laying in bed and looking like a blob in every picture. Especially when the game shows the picture over and over again. You can customize your character however you like, but you do it by cutting out shapes and designs on digital paper. Overall, a very entertaining game with a pretty great story. Very fun indeed.

9. The Walking Dead Season 1


This game was the first TellTale game I have ever played and it has had me hooked ever since. I was already a huge Walking Dead fan, but this game definitely sealed the deal. You get to pretty much decide who lives or dies in certain situations, and it is not always an easy decision. Every decision has a consequence, and the AI will remember EVERYTHING and throw it in your face later.

8. Dragon Age 2


Dragon Age 2 was actually hated by quite a few DA fans, but I enjoyed it. It is repetitive when it comes to dungeon crawling, but the story and characters were pretty awesome. I enjoyed being as sarcastic as possible when I had the option, then my character just started being sarcastic overall and it was pretty funny. Also, Hawke is awesome.

7. FarCry 3


FarCry 3 was the first FarCry game that I actually enjoyed, I hated the 2nd one with a passion. The graphics were insane and I enjoyed just running around killing things. The story was pretty good, I mean its a FarCry story obviously. This is the game that truly hooked me into the series and I have been playing the FarCry games ever since.

6. Midnight Club: Los Angeles


My dad raised me on car games, mostly Need for Speed. For Father’s Day I bought him Midnight Club: L.A., he played it for awhile until I took interest in it. Once I started playing it, he pretty much never saw it again. Midnight Club was amazing. There was a pretty nice car list as well as (what seemed like) endless customization. Customization can be a good selling point for car games, but it seems like this day in time none of the developers really care. Midnight club also had a sweet soundtrack and you could decide which songs played, you could even play your own music.

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