Four sets of Titanfall themed Funko Pop figures have been revealed. They are adorable, and yes the Pilot fits in the Titan.
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Four Titanfall Funko Pop figures have been revealed and they are really adorable! Each figure consists of a Titan and a Pilot, as you would expect of something related to the Titanfall series. The Titan opens up to allow the Pilot to fit inside, as they do in the games. The Titans are slightly larger than your average Funko Pop figures, standing at 6 inches tall. The Pilots are much smaller, standing at 1.75 inches tall.

Given that Titanfall 2 will soon be among us, it is of course natural that at least one of the figures is geared towards Titanfall 2. One set will feature Titanfall 2 protagonist Jack and his Titan B.T. There is also the Sarah & MOB-1316 set, and the Blisk and Legion set. These three sets will be releasing in December. However GameStop are offering an exclusive set featuring the Atlas and a generic Pilot figure. This will launch at some point in October.

Will yo be grabbing one of these Funko Pop Titanfall figures? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. A gallery showing off the figures is available below.

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