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The Division’s first big update was released yesterday and of course after every big update something has to go wrong. Player’s characters have been going missing and all that good stuff. We actually played with our friend and then he logged off, only to return to nothing…needless to say he is upset. The Dark Zone is much more difficult now to say the least, and now players are bracketed based on armor rating as well. This makes it so that you don’t just completely get mowed over by maxed out players in the easier parts of The Dark Zone, and so far any rogues we have encountered have been our skill and armor level, rather than dying instantly. Dark Zone boxes that require keys also now drop high end items (which cannot be traded) and of course the named AI do as well. Luckily, high end items are pretty common now so you don’t drive yourself to insanity trying to avoid death and other players. I have to say though, the supply drops aren’t that great from what I have experienced thus far. We ran to the drop, defeated AI (all gold, shielded, and a named guy), secured the crate, killed four rogues who attacked us, and guess what we got? Two crappy performance mods. I am also enjoying the daily and weekly achievements, as it gives players a little something extra to work towards instead of running around aimlessly. We have yet to attempt the Incursion, but I have heard it is pretty crazy. Overall, the update seems to be pretty decent, besides it not acknowledging that the AI’s shotguns are very OP. Weapons, gear, blueprints, and mods are pretty abundant now and are actually worth spending money on.

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What do you guys think of the new content? Is there anything that should have been changed that wasn’t? Let us know your thoughts below.