<p>According to an unknown developer the PC version's graphics have been deliberately brought down</p>
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According to a Youtube video from the channel Team Epiphany, the PC version of The Division has been brought down to be in line with the console versions. 

In the video (which can be found at the bottom of this article) an unnamed developer claims that the graphics of the PC version were deliberately brought down to be in line with the graphics on the console versions of the game. 

Commentors on the Youtube video are understandably annoyed, with comments such as “Keeping graphics low on PC because of consoles is the biggest bullshit if ever heard and i’m more a console gamer these days then a pc gamer”. 

It’s understandable why PC users will be annoyed. PC games notoriously have better graphics than console games, it’s the main reason why many people choose to pay that extra bit of money to build a gaming PC. So to have a game’s graphics deliberately brought down is, quite frankly, insulting to PC users. 

However, I wouldn’t personally trust this. The fact that the developer in the video isn’t named does somewhat worry me. Until we hear from Ubisoft I wouldn’t believe anything said. 

The video in question is below. 

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