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It has been awhile now that Tom Clancy’s newest game, The Division, has been out. I originally praised the game and enjoyed it, minus the bugs and other glitches I encountered. I finished the story pretty quick and now strive towards completing the daily challenges and just running around in The Dark Zone. First of all, the story lacked so much and had huge potential. When I first started the game it seems like there are quite a cut scenes, but as I progressed, cut scenes became non existent and The Division just felt bare and empty. There are quite a few loose ends of course, to be expected since they already have big plans for expansions. On top of all that, the story missions were just repetitive, but it was still fun to play with my friends. All that I can do now is play in The Dark Zone, and let me just say that The Division has made me be pretty paranoid when it comes to other people. Ever since the change in Rogue penalties it is hard to trust anyone. Between the rogues hunting down players in huge groups in the lower levels of The Dark Zone and the rogues camping at safe houses and Dark Zone exits, it kind of sucks. It really sucks when a rogue is Dark Zone level 75 and you and you’re squad are a modest level 30.

What has your experience with The Division been like? Have you been stabbed in the back yet or mugged even though you have no loot? Or are you the player that hunts down innocent people minding their own business?

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