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The PS5 was revealed a couple weeks ago and discussions about the design are still relevant. Sony decided to break away from the traditional form factor of their previous console. This will help the PlayStation 5 stand out from its competitors this fall. It seems that the fan base is split between if the design is appealing or not.

PS5 family

PS5 Size Comparison

One the of the biggest concerns seen from fans on Twitter and other social media platforms is the size of the console itself. People have been using the disc drive as a point of reference to compare the PlayStation 5 to other consoles. According to IGN, the PS5 has a rough estimation of 15.74″ x 8.79″ x 3.97.” In comparison, the Xbox Series X will be roughly 11.85″ x 6.03″ x 6.03.”

During the Playstation 5 reveal presentation, Sony displayed the console vertically, but the console can also lay on its side. Given the curvature of the console, it still needs a stand to be able to lay on its side. This generation is looking like it is going to be the largest PlayStation console to date.

PS5 laying flat

Matt MacLaurin, the Vice President of UX design at PlayStation, further explained the reasoning behind the PlayStation 5’s seemingly larger design. He explained that thermals and heat were the reasons behind the size.

“The PS5 packs more heat than the PS4 could ever dream of. This gen is little supercomputers. This tech is still so fresh so it throws a lot of heat so we need room to dissipate.”

While the PlayStation 5’s design does seem larger than past consoles, it would not be surprising to see a slim version released a couple of years after launch. What are your thoughts on the PlayStation 5’s design? Let us know on Twitter at Games_Bulletin.

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