Craig Mazin has discussed that the in-development The Last of Us TV show will includes new material left out of the game.
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Craig Mazin, the creator of Chernobyl, has discussed more information on the in-development Last of Us TV show. The Last of Us television series is being developed along with Naughty Dog for release on HBO. Mazin shared that the show will include new material as well as elements re-imagined from the two games in the series.

Last Of Us Tv Show

Mazin is working directly with Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann on the story for the series. Druckmann had mentioned he has ideas for the series he had left out of the game. There was no further explanation of what those ideas could be. He simply stated that ideas feel organic and will expand on the original games’ stories without deviating from the characters fans have fallen in love with. Having the Last of Us be a TV show instead of a film will allow for a deeper exploration of the character’s relationships.

 HBO’s show is currently in the writing stage. The show has been affected by COVID-19, which has hindered traveling and shooting on location. There was no update on when the show will start filming or when the show will release. What are your thoughts on The Last of Us TV show? Would this show convince you to get HBO? Let us know on Twitter @Games_Bulletin. 

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