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Massive has just released quite a bit of information regarding the new DLC for The Division. This free update will include the first of several new incursions, as well as player trading, new gear sets, and Dark Zone supply drops. Players will be able to trade with other players in their squad within 2 hours of picking the item up. After that limit, you’re stuck with the item. The Division will also be adding the supply drops in The Dark Zone. The supply drops will be first come first serve for new gear, but the drops will be heavily guarded of course.┬áThis first incursion will be very difficult and will need to be completed in a strategic way. Oh by the way, if everyone dies you have to start all over from the beginning- no checkpoints! Rewards will be part of the new gear sets, but only one piece of gear per play through. Once a player has a complete set of the gear they will receive some sort of boost. All of these updates will be implemented on April 12th across all platforms.

Is everyone excited for some new content, with player trading? (Finally?!) The Division can hopefully repair some broken friendships with the trading system.