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Ubisoft will for sure be compensating players for the missing character issue, as well as the backpack bug. This was revealed by community developer Yannick Banchereau, who stated,

” I know that we’ve talked about compensation already, there will be compensation for these two [bugs]. In a few days, we still need to sort it out, we are going to send to all the people affected by one of these bugs 500 Phoenix Credits and ten of each high-end crafting material.

It’s going to be 10 fabric, 10 electronics, 10 weapon parts, 10 tools, and also 10 Division tech. Expect that soon. We’ll try to have it this week, but if it’s not this week it will be later, but it will happen.”

The Division FP
Most of the cases have been resolved, but there are still isolated cases. If you are experiencing any of the bugs, you are urged to keep reporting the issues.

I think some sort of compensation should be given to all players. I experienced bugs/glitches since day one and it seems like they have actually worsened since the update, such as falling through the map, skills not working, unable to revive squad mates, slowed frame rate, lag, the list could go on. The Division is an extremely glitchy game, all of my screen shots and recorded moments are literally just crazy stuff from the game.