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Since update 1.1 hundreds of players have come forward on a Reddit thread stating that their characters had gone missing. The thread was originally started by Ubisoft in response to several reports of wiped characters since the update. Ubisoft/Massive were asking people to leave their gamertags and they would investigate the accounts, but apparently the issue was more widespread than they had hoped. The thread received hundreds of comments and those are just the people that came forward. The bug was apparently a server issue that was corrupt, mainly on Xbox One, when players logged out they would get a Delta or Mike code. Ubisoft states that the lost characters will be returned from a previous save on April 12th, but depending on the circumstances of what you did that day, some progress may be lost. Hopefully everything will be figured out soon.

I personally think Ubisoft should give players some sort of compensation, especially the ones who have the missing characters. Many people were too afraid to play today due to the fact that the character can be lost just by logging in and then logging out. What do you think of the situation?