The Division Is Currently The Best Selling Game Of 2016

the division
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Ubisoft today announced in a statement that the company is doing pretty well for itself in terms of it’s sales for this year. While citing NPD and GfK data, Ubisoft reported that August was the sixth month in  a row this year that the company held the highest “year to date” sales lead in US, Canada, Europe and Australia. From the start of this year Ubisoft market shares have increased 16% in US, 14.9% in Europe and Australia, and 13% in Canada.

the division
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These market share figures are in part due to the wildly anticipated game The Divison, which Ubisoft claim is the number one best selling game in 2016 so far. But it isn’t just game releases that are making Ubisoft the big money. The company highlighted their “robust post-launch content”, which has seen things such as a 40% increase in the player count of Rainbow Six Siege since the release of the game’s latest update Skull Rain. The release of post-release content isn’t something Ubisoft are unfamiliar with. The Division is also set to see two more paid DLCs, those these have been delayed and currently have no release date.

Are you surprised by the success of Ubisoft this year? What’s your favourite Ubisoft game of 2016so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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