Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 3 has released, and you can upload your Season 2 save file to fully enjoy the new season.
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The third season of the wildly popular Telltale series The Walking Dead has released to the masses today. Season 3, titled A New Frontier, is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and begins with a two part debut episode. The first episode, which is called The Ties That Bind, can be purchased for £5. Alternatively you can buy the entire season pass for £25. This will give you access to every new episode as it becomes available.

Season 3 also allows players to import their save file from Season 2 of The Walking Dead. It’s worth noting that this is possible even if you have changed the system you play on since you played Season 2. Grabbing your save file from a different platform is a bit of a longer process, and will require you to upload the Season 2 save file as well as having an account with Telltale.

You can find the guide to importing Season 2 save data in this Telltale Support article. Don’t forget to tweet your thoughts of this Telltale franchise to @games_bulletin!

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