Telltale have shed some light on the Crowd Play feature in their upcoming Batman game, and it seems the feature will be very interesting when perfected.
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One of the biggest announcements regarding the Telltale Batman game was that the game will support multiplayer. This isn’t your typical multiplayer though. Known as Crowd Play, the mode allows the player to let others help influence the in-game decisions. By sending a URL to those around you, they can join in on the decision making via phone or PC. But there in lies the issue. On their blog Telltale explain this Crowd Play mode, and in it they outline how many  people can interact with Crowd Play.

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The section of the blog starts by stating that “Crowd Play is a local multiplayer experience”. Crowd Play works best with between 4 and 12 people, but as long as they are all watching the same screen Crowd Play could potentially support thousands. The post claims “For now, leave the larger groups to us, and stay tuned for more details on special events for Crowd Plays of larger sizes!”. We’ll have to wait to see what these are but it sounds interesting.

Now the bit in question regarding Twitch and other streaming services. It appears that the delay between streamer and viewer is the main reason as to why Crowd Play cannot be carried out over stream.

“Crowd Play is not a feature intended for use over streaming services. There is latency introduced by services such as Twitch. This means that everyone isn’t seeing that game at the exact same time, which means that everyone doesn’t see the choices at the same time. So, the group can’t make a choice together at the same time. We are working closely with all the streaming services to address this problem, but it certainly won’t be ideal for streaming out of the box. For now, everyone needs to be in the same room, watching the same screen.”

While Crowd Play is an interesting feature, I don’t think we will see it reach it’s full potential for a while. What do you think of this feature? Let us know in the comments!

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