Take a look at Overwatch’s new character, Orisa

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The Overwatch team introduced a new tank character:

Image Courtesy Of Blizzard Press Center

Orisa—the 24th hero and sixth tank to join the Overwatch lineup—is a four-legged robot designed by a brilliant 11-year-old engineer to keep the peace in Numbani.

Orisa is not only brand new to the lineup but also to the game’s backstory.

Her gameplay is mainly aimed at protection of teams and allies, with powerful long ranged weapons and several techniques that protect the team and make attacking easier within her protective barrier. Orisa is meant as an option to Reinhardt, offering another anchortank type to the lineup.

Specially outfitted for maximum fortification and built from the scraps of the city’s decommissioned OR15 defense bots, Orisa is still learning how to optimally perform her function. But what she lacks in experience, she makes up for in dedication to keeping her city—and her creator, Efi—safe from harm.

Orisa’s abilities include:

  • Fusion Driver — A rapid-fire automatic gun that touts good range and accuracy even at a distance
  • Protective Barrier — Throw a device that creates a stationary shield, perfect for intercepting projectiles and protecting teammates
  • Supercharger — Orisa’s ultimate ability beams a buff to allies within range, increasing the damage they can inflict on the opposing team

You can find out more about Orisa in the official blog post.

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