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Visbit Bringing High Quality VR Streaming To The Masses


Reading Time: 2 minutes Visbit are the leading company when it comes to virtual reality and 360-video streaming. Today the company released a Unity SDK and Web VR player, bringing with it first all-in-one VR streaming service across mobile devices and most web browsers.

Unearthing Mars Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes Winking Entertainment have now released their title Unearthing Mars, in which we get a closer look at out planetary neighbour in Mars – now was this exploration a good experience?

Darknet Review


Reading Time: 6 minutes Hacking is something that has been in many games across the last few generations, but most of these are just a small part mini-games, and that’s exactly what they feel like. Does Darknet VR offer more than that?

VR Ping Pong Review

VR Ping Pong

Reading Time: 3 minutes VR Ping Pong brings another sports similar to the Playstation VR, and one that is not available within any of the other games – but does it deliver a good experience?

Resident Evil 7 In-Depth Review

Resident Evil 7

Reading Time: 7 minutes Capcom have stated that the game is returning to its roots, which is something I would definitely like to see, but is this the re-boot the series needed?

YouTube 360 Video First Impressions


Reading Time: 4 minutes On January 20th the YouTube application on Playstation 4 received an update to allow the use of the 360 videos using the Playstation VR. I’ve been waiting for this to come to the Playstation, and I could not wait to try it out.

Starship Disco Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s great to see another rhyme game to make to the Playstation VR. There is a difference between a simple concept done well, or not well. But, which does Starship Disco fall into?

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