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New PlayStation Exclusive Exotic For Destiny

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Zen Meteor is a new Exotic sniper rifle that will be exclusively for Destiny players on theĀ PS3 and PS4 . The announcement was made via Playstation’s twitter and will be available on April 12th. The only other thing that is known about this weapon is the description that reads,”Complete awareness, complete focus. A mind sharpened by diligence to a single deadly point.” Zen Meteor will be part of the April update for which also includes new Exotics for PlayStation and Xbox, as well as a few other updates. Are you still an avid Destiny player? I know many people […]


Are Destiny Fans Getting Restless?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Following unconfirmed reports of a delay to Destiny 2 Doug Creutz, of the research company Cowen & Company, Creutz states that even with a potential delay of Destiny 2 there are still high hopes for Destiny: as long as fans see a Taken-King size expansion.  “Our model assumes a Taken King-sized expansion for Destiny in 2016,” Creutz said. “We did think that Destiny 2 was a possible, and even likely, source of upside in 2016. However, as long as there is new Destiny content in 2016, we feel confident in our overall company growth assumptions and would remain bullish on […]

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