Playstation 5 Price and Release Date Revealed

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today, Playstation held a final showcase featuring everything Playstation 5. In this showcase we saw a handful of new games as well as a deeper look at games we have already known about. Most importantly, we officially know when the PS5 will be coming out and how much it will cost. Marvel’s Spiderman: Miles Morales Revealed during Sony’s last PS5 showcase, Marvel’s Spiderman: Miles Morales showed up with a beautiful new gameplay trailer. This early gameplay featured Miles Morales dealing with threats in his home town of Harlem. We also found out that this game will be taking place one […]

PS5 family

The PS5 Size Comparison: Why It’s So Big

Reading Time: 2 minutes The PS5 was revealed a couple weeks ago and discussions about the design are still relevant. Sony decided to break away from the traditional form factor of their previous console. This will help the PlayStation 5 stand out from its competitors this fall. It seems that the fan base is split between if the design is appealing or not. PS5 Size Comparison One the of the biggest concerns seen from fans on Twitter and other social media platforms is the size of the console itself. People have been using the disc drive as a point of reference to compare the […]

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