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Why Does Everything Have To Have A Season Pass Now?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nothing sucks more than spending 60 or more US Dollars on a brand new game and then having to dish out another $30 or more on a season pass. Companies have finally figured out that if we buy a game, of course we are going to want more content! Especially if there is a level cap put on the game if you don’t buy the next DLC. But why sell us an incomplete game for full price and then charge us more for a season pass for DLC that may suck? On top of that, players on the next gens […]


Why Are People In The Gaming Community So Brutal?

Reading Time: 2 minutes In all the years I have been gaming I have noticed that people are getting more and more brutal. Everyone knows that one guy that just completely loses their mind in Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Destiny, etc. I too am guilty of getting upset, but I usually just ignore it or excuse myself from the situation. Unfortunately, ┬áthat is to be expected and almost the norm when it comes to PVP matches/games. On top of that, when I visit gaming forums for information or whatever, I see players just attacking each other for no reason. I know people can […]


Do Games Rely Too Much On The Internet?

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re my age, or older, you probably remember the days of buying a new game and just popping it in the console and playing. Or the not-so distant past of playing games offline if your internet connection is down. When I was growing up I never encountered “game-breaking” glitches or any issues with my games like some people have experienced. What you bought was what you got as far as content goes. Seems like now days games are being pushed out with glitches on top of glitches and depending on a later “update” or DLC to fix the problems […]

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