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Far Cry Primal Review (PS4)

Reading Time: 2 minutes FarCry: Primal – 8.5/10 FarCry: Primal was released this past Tuesday, February 23rd, and so far I am loving it. I have been a FarCry fan for years and this game was everything I hoped it would be. This game is not your run of the mill FarCry obviously, but it still “feels” like a FarCry game. First of all, for those of you that may not know, this game is based in 10,000 BC. You’re a caveman, but not a total Neanderthal. The enemy in this game is the Udam, who are cannibals. You play as Takkar, who is […]


Did Ubisoft Recycle Far Cry 4’s Map For Primal? (Speculation and Opinion)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Speculation is beginning to spread regarding Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal and in all honesty it is not good. Now personally I haven’t touched the Far Cry series since Far Cry 3. I played Far Cry 3 and I loved that game. Everything about that game made me want to play more and I loved every second. But after that, nothing really grabbed my attention and I didn’t feel that Far Cry 4 warranted me buying. Everything I saw, both pre and post release, of Far Cry 4 seemed like a very obvious reskin of Far Cry 3 and I didn’t […]


Far Cry Primal Expert Mode?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Only if you have refined your skills to the ultimate limit may you try the new expert mode in Far Cry Primal. Coming to PC on March 1st, this new mode will have you put to the test as you battle for your life on Oros. Along with this update comes a few stability improvements, however the main focus for it is for the long-time players. Expert mode includes many things that both lower the player’s abilities as well as increase the enemies. This mode includes: lowering health of the player, enemies shoot faster, enemies do not show up on […]


Denuvo Isn’t Spyware (Update)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recently we reported the story over some gamer’s concerns about the inclusion of anti-tampering technology Denuvo. Denuvo give games an added layer of protection from being cracked. Cracking of games allows for the games to be pirated and distributed for free. This is obviously an issue for developers, some have taken to using Denuvo due to it’s reputation of being particularly hard to crack, such as in the case of Just Cause 3. But recently fears began to run around the internet after it was revealed that Far Cry Primal would use Denuvo, and that some files from Denuvo would remain […]


Be A Prehistoric Bear Grylls Thanks To Far Cry Primal

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ubisoft today announced their competition to let Far Cry fans experience the harsh environment of our ancestors thanks to Far Cry Primal. The competition, called CaveBnB, will allow the winner to travel back in time to the Stone Age to experience the harsh environment of Far Cry Primal.  The winner, along with a person of their choice, will travel to an undisclosed location in France and participate in survival training and push their limits to the extremes. Then by night, the winner and company will have to us those skills to survive.  Here’s how to enter. “Participants will have to […]


FarCry Primal Won’t Offer Co-op

Reading Time: < 1 minute The upcoming prehistoric adventure game from Ubisoft, Far Cry Primal, will not support co-op. Writing on the game’s Steam page, community manager explained that the lack of co-op will allow the enhancement of the single player experience.  Paradise posted saying “This was definitely not a small undertaking. Our focus was on delivering this fantasy which required clear priorities for the team. Therefore, in the early stages of the project, we made the difficult choice of focusing our efforts on the single player experience”.  This is a surprise seeing as Far Cry 4 included co-op, and it was pretty popular as […]

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