Zenimax Files Injunction Over ‘Stolen Tech’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Zenimax recently won $500 million in a court settlement against VR company Oculus. The parent company of  Fallout developer Bethesda accused Oculus, which is owned by Facebook everyone’s third favourite social media, of stealing VR-related code. Zenimax don’t believe that $500 million is enough of a deterrent for Oculus to […]


Fallout 4 Xbox One Mod Details

Reading Time: 2 minutes During today’s Fallout 4 Xbox One livestream on Twitch, Bethesda revealed details about the mods that are coming to the platform. The mods were made on PC using Fallout 4’s Creation Kit and will arrive on May 31st. Three mods coming to Xbox One have been announced, one of which […]

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