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Is It Worth Being A Day One Player?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Everyone loves preordering games and getting exclusive content and playing the very moment the game comes out, I mean who doesn’t? But is it worth being a Day One player? Something I have noticed (the past two years especially) that lately games that are coming out change over and over via updates. Now, I don’t mind bug fixes, added content, etc. The Division and Destiny are two that I have played ALOT and specifically remember getting pretty upset about. Destiny repeatedly kept changing upgrade materials, not once, not twice, but several times. I know sometimes in MMOs (especially), things have […]


Destiny Updates For April

Reading Time: < 1 minute Destiny update 2.2.0 will arrive next month, April 12th, with several new updates. What can players expect? Players will get new PVE challenges, new/updated gear, and a new quest featuring the Blighted Chalice Strike, as well as other things. Players will get an ┬áincrease to their maximum Light and rewards. Updates to the Sandbox and Crucible can also be expected. There is also speculation of a new shader. Although it was not officially announced, Bungie posted a picture of Guardians with a possible “Taken” shader.


Free Stuff On Destiny For Being “Awesome”

Reading Time: < 1 minute Available today, all players can collect some awesome free stuff from the Postmaster in Destiny. The free stuff is a generous 15 Strange Coins and 15 Motes of Light. Why the free stuff you ask? According to Bungie, it’s just because we are all so awesome. More gifts will be available for players who play any activity between today and January 10th will receive an exclusive emblem on January 12th.


Are You Not Spending Enough Money On Videogames? Destiny Has You Covered!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Bungie has announced for a MERE 30 US dollars, players can boost their levels to level 25. Works kind of like the Spark of Light that veteran players received. So why waste a few hours of your time when you can just dish out money to boost? This doesn’t even really benefit anyone otherwise, lv 40 is the cap level and is also when exotics and better armor are available for use. Also, if you use this feature, it is $30 per character. As a bonus when purchased, these packs will also grant the players subclass experience and some telemetries. […]


Bungie Confirms There Will Be No DLC In 2016

Reading Time: < 1 minute Bungie has officially confirmed that there will be no big DLC for Destiny in 2016, instead they will release free missions and cosmetic micro transactions. The free events, like the Sparrow Racing and Festival of the Lost, will be released throughout the year. The events will not be mapped out, therefore it will be more of a surprise. There is also talk of having The Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris every weekend. Every person who owns the Taken King will have access to these free events. Hopefully all of these free events will be able to keep the interest […]


Destiny: The Taken King, Sparrow Racing?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Bungie and Activision have announced, starting December 8th, Destiny: The Taken King players on the PlayStation and Xbox can participate in a sparrow racing league. The races will take place on Mars and Venus and players will compete for new gear and sparrows. Players can play with their friends or strangers, unfortunately players will only have 3 weeks to play this Taken King exclusive.


Destiny Servers Will Be Down Thursday

Reading Time: < 1 minute Destiny servers will be down for atleast four hours Thursday, December 3, starting at 9am Pacific Time, for both Xbox and PlayStation. This is probably for the December update, this update will include weapon balance changes for shotguns and pulse rifles, auto rifles and hand cannons will also get an update. Also on the list of things for the December update, new exotics are coming! The pieces are the Twilight Garrison Titan chest piece and the ATS/8 Tarantella Hunter chest piece. A lengthy list of year 1 exotics will also be added with year 2 stats. Bones of Eao Hard Light […]


New “harder” mode to be introduced to Destiny King’s Fall raid

Reading Time: < 1 minute Bungie has announced that there will be a new “harder” mode for the King’s Fall raid in Destiny: The Taken King. The details are skimpy as of now, but starting early next month there will be a boss specific challenge in which you must defeat the boss in a very specific and meticulous way. There will be an icon where the nightfall modifiers are usually displayed and it will be displayed as a skull. As for what the challenges are and how we complete them, it is for us to figure out.

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