System Shock Remake Reaches Kickstarter Goal

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Good news for you System Shock fans. The Kickstarter currently has, at the time of writing, $919,766 by 14,666 backers. This surpasses the games $900,000 target, meaning that regardless of additional donations the remake will go ahead.

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Those of you worried about putting your money down without seeing any gameplay. Worry not, Nightdive  Studios have you covered. There is a demo version of the game available to try before you buy. The demo can be downloaded via Steam, or Humble Store. But it does come with a warning.

“Please be aware, this is a proof of concept; the PERFORMANCE, FEATURES, and VISUALS are subject to change. We hope you enjoy your time aboard Citadel Station! SHODAN eagerly awaits your arrival…”

With 18 days still left in the Kickstarter, it’s crazy to think how much more support this Kickstarter amy receive! I personally have nearly played System Shock but I’m looking at the download demo link and I’m tempted. Will you be backing this game? What are your thoughts on the number of remakes/remasters releasing in today’s gaming world? Let us know in the comments!

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