Sweet Tooth Statue Revealed

sweet tooth
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Gaming Heads has announced the first in a series of collectible statues from the Twisted Metal franchise. The first is arguably the series’ most famous character; Sweet Tooth. The statue is a 1/6 replica and stands roughly 13.5 inches tall. The statue is hand-painted as well which is a nice touch. There are two versions of the statues; the standard edition and the exclusive edition.

The standard edition has a retail price of $229.99, and is limited to only 750 pieces worldwide. The exclusive edition of the statue costs a little more, costing $249.99. This edition is only available on the Gaming Heads site, but comes with light up flaming hair for Sweet Tooth. This edition is limited to only 350 pieces worldwide. Pre-orders for the statue began yesterday, and the statue is expected mid 2017 sometime. The images of the statue shown at the end of this article are only representative. The end product may vary slightly.

sweet tooth
Images courtesy of Gaming Heads.

This is the third statue by Gaming Heads, and every time I see a statue I love the design. They always look so brilliantly executed. This execution comes at a cost. A rather high one. I don’t have the ability to justify spending such a high amount of money on a  statue. If they do a Solid Snake one however then we may be talking. What do you guys think of this statue? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the gallery of images on the Gaming Heads site. 

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