While Super Nintendo World is set to open in just under a month, the official website features a virtual tour of the park for those who cannot make it!
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Given the current situation in the UK, it’s easy to forget that things were actually planned for this year. One of these being the opening of Super Nintendo World in Japan. The opening is set to take place February 4th and, as of writing, there is no plan for this to change. But there it doesn’t need to be so bleak! Luckily the official website of Super Nintendo World now has a virtual tour of the park!

Sadly this is as close as we will get for now, but honestly, I am rather impressed. The website is in Japanese naturally, but you navigate the tour by scrolling the mouse wheel. The tour does work on mobile as well so fret not! Eurogamer report that the site discussing using “NFC wristband to collect keys and coins as you visit Super Nintendo World, via defeating enemies using a smartphone app and unlocking a final boss battle with Bowser Jr”.

While I never had plans to go to Japan soon (well not realistic ones anyway), this makes me want to go even more. Should I ever find myself in Japan I will definitely be visiting Super Nintendo World. What do you think about the park? Would you visit? Or is it all a bit too much? Let us know in the comments!

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