Super Mario Odyssey Apparently Has No Game Over Screens

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Super Mario Odyssey developers opted for removing the iconic Game Over screens to offer a different type of gameplay.

According to what the developers have been sharing since the E3, the newest entry of the Super Mario series will no longer have life counters or Game Over screens.

The decision of removing these traditional elements was made to favor a continuous gameplay experience where players can have more freedom to explore the different worlds of the game without having to worry about making mistakes that force them to start over.

Every time Mario takes damage that would otherwise be game over, he’ll lose coins instead of lives. And even when the player is low on coins they won’t be facing Game Over screens. Complementing this, the game also has the traditional flag checkpoints and other items to help the player keep on track.

The developers explained they don’t want to interrupt the player with Game Over screens. The game is challenging enough without them and removing Game Over screens will help making the experience more enjoyable for the players, giving them total freedom to explore the game’s sandbox environment.

Super Mario Odyssey launches on October 27th for Nintendo Switch.

What do you think about these changes? Does it sound like a good idea to remove the Game over screens?

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