Super Mario Maker 3DS Will Not Be Playable In 3D

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Box art has emerged today that seems to suggest the 3DS version of Super Mario Maker won’t support 3D.

The revelation comes from a listing on  EB Games’ website showing the box art with a small notice stating the game ‘plays only in 2D’. This seems like an odd decision considering the 3DS Super Mario Maker is already going to be lacking features of the original. This version will not allow players to send and share levels over the internet and will not include all Wii U levels. The Mystery Mushroom, a fan favourite, is also missing from the handheld version.

Super Mario Maker
Image courtesy of EB games

This is not the first title for Nintendo’s unique handheld that has be lacking the key selling point. Retro City Rampage: DX and Pokémon Art Academy also have no 3D functionality and the Pokémon series is only 3D at certain times.

If the listing proves true, it also seems like the price will not reflect the lack of a key feature as the retail price is $49.99, the same as any other new 3DS release. Not all 3DS players use the 3D function but I personally do and think it is a bit unfair to charge full price for a game that only has part of the feature of other titles.

How do you feel about this? Do you think all titles on the 3DS should support 3D or are you happy for some not to? Let us know in the comments section below!

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