Super Mario Maker 3DS Is A Great Port, With One Key Feature Missing

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In the Wii U version, the tools of Super Mario Maker for 3DS give you the power to create colorful, challenging or creative levels using the look and feel of several generations of 2D Super Mario games on the go with no hassle. But as feature-rich as the 3DS port is, it has some disadvantages when it comes to sharing the stages you make with it and playing other people’s courses.

With the removal of the Mystery Mushroom, nearly every piece of Super Mario Maker’s elegant creation toolset is featured in the 3DS version. Due to the horse power of the 3DS, it can’t handle as many items as the more powerful Wii U version, but you’re looking at over 60 unique tools you can use to create whatever you want in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, or New Super Mario Bros.

If you’re new to Super Mario Maker, a new tutorial mode brings you up to speed on how items work and the best ways to use them thanks to the design advice from a talking pigeon named Yamamura and his assistant, Mary O.

Making levels is a blast! Growing up playing Mario games it was nice being able to create levels of my own. You start by picking what skin you want to use. You have the choice of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. Then you pick the background of the level. Once that is done the rest is up to you. You start out with most of the items to create levels in, but the rest you will have to unlock by playing the offline campaign. Now that you have started to make your course you can save it. However the game only allows you to store 120 courses. Meaning in time you might need to delete some old creations or saved levels if you wish to save or download more courses.

The Super Mario Challenge is another big plus, and it takes you on a journey through 88 unique courses. The best ones demonstrate the numerous possibilities Super Mario Maker offers. It gives you inspiration for when you decide to start building your own course.

Super Mario Challenge rewards you by unlocking more tools with which to make levels. There is extra incentive for you in the form of stage medal challenges, like one where you have to kill every piranha plant or make it through an entire stage receiving any damage.

Once you switch over to creation mode, you can take a deeper look at these stages in the campaign and see how they work. You can modify them with your own ideas and save them to play.

But, while Nintendo did a great job porting Super Mario Maker’s level creator from Wii U to 3DS, it comes with it’s downsides. Playing the game for the first time comes with a mandatory SD card installation. This can last a few minutes, and, it’ll check this extra data every time you load it. If you have multiple 3DS systems and only one copy of Super Mario Maker, using it on another system will have you to completely reset everything back to scratch. Requiring you to reinstall the extra data, and erase all saved progress.

You can share stages with someone locally or through StreetPass, which is a neat way to pass stages to friends or complete strangers you meet. But, if you’re in an area without a lot of fellow 3DS players, you’re out of luck. Nintendo did not include the ability to share your stages online. Meaning you will be unable to search for certain stages and the creations you have made will be only be able to be shared locally. For the stages that you can play from the internet, once you complete them, there is no way to rate or leave feedback on the course.

In conclusion Mario Maker for 3DS is a good port from the WiiU. But, it does lack in the graphic and sound department. Also it lacks the feature of being about to play and share courses in the game. If you don’t own a WiiU and want to enjoy the experience of creating your own levels or playing the unique maps of Mario Maker’s Mario Challenge, you should pick it up. From personally not owning a WiiU I’m glad to have this port. Will you be picking up Mario Maker for 3DS? Let us know in the Comments!

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The core idea behind Super Mario Maker is the ability to create, play, and share your creation. The 3DS version fails to allow you to share your courses online, which was the main point of Mario Maker on the WiiU. It’s only in this area that Mario Maker 3DS falls short.

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