This summer will see the Summer of Splat: a celebration of Splatoon.
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Splatoon, which released in May of last year, currently has 4 million players worldwide and so Nintendo have revealed the leagues and game modes for their tournament. The Summer of Splat, as it has been dubbed, includes The Great British Splat-Off. This is a series of online tournaments open to players of all age groups. Players will pick up tactics and new skills to help them battle against other players. Players will compete in teams of four, and must win a best of three match to be claimed victor. The teams are matched by Gfinity. The leagues are as follows:

• Squid Kid League: For younger players – Turf War game mode only

• Inkling League: Beginner/casual players – Turf War game mode only

• Octo League: Open to all ages and levels – More challenging featuring all game modes

“Each weekend, six winning teams (two from each league) will be given the chance to take their skills to the next level and be rewarded with tickets where they can compete in a special event – The Splatoon Fan Fest, a live day of challenges, held at London’s Gfinity Arena on 27th August.”


In addition to the tournaments, from July 11th, Nintendo will also offer fans the chance to have their Splatoon fanart showcased on the game’s Facebook page. Each week five of the best entries will be posted on the game’s Facebook page, and those chosen will also be invited to attend the The Splatoon Fan Fest on August 27th.

The Summer of Splat itself is set to run from 16th July to 7th August. Those interested in registering for The Great British Splat-Off head to this Gfinity page.

Splatoon is a game I always wanted to get into, but the lack of a WiiU kind of got in the way of that. Is it a game you would recomm Splat-Offend? Let us know your thoughts of Splatoon in the comments!

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