Steep Gets Winterfest Add-on

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Ubisoft announced today that Steep has new content available in the form of Winterfest, the newest DLC for those eager to revisit the slopes.
For those who missed Steep, it is a Winter sports game based in Alaska and the Alps in which players can tackle mountains on skis, snowboards, para-gliders and wing suits. Winterfest introduces a new way to fall in style in the form of a winter sled.

Winterfest is a winter sports festival in which players are trying to dethrone The Beast, a boss Yeti that lives in the Alps. Players will take on 12 crazy challenges while taking on 4 mini bosses such as evading enemy fire, hunting balloons and dressing as a goat eating dinosaur! As well as wacky challenges, Winterfest brings exclusive new equipment and costumes including the aforementioned dinosaur, a banana, a sumo suit, a superhero costume and a swimsuit/mankini (which can be seen below in all its glory).

The DLC is available for purchase now for all players and can be downloaded for free for those with the gold edition or a season pass. 
Are you looking forward to hitting the slopes dressed as a banana! Let us know in the comments section below!
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