It has been one year since Steam introduced Steam Labs to improve the platform through public experimentation and iteration.
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Steam Community Recommendations

It has been one year since Steam introduced Steam Labs. This was in hopes to improve the platform through public experimentation and iteration. The newest feature that will be coming to the platform is called “Community Recommendations”. With Community Recommendations, users will now be able to see reviews that are rated as being “helpful” on their front page. Feedback and interaction from the community have always been a core part of the experience on Steam. This feature will improve that experience by allowing these reviews to be more easily found by users. You can go to the new Community Recommendations page to see what people are saying about some of the new and popular games out now.


This page will have a good mix of popular games and games that are worth checking out. Community Recommendations is a good way to promote the already popular games, but also the smaller indie games that might go under the radar.

More Features

Being one of the most popular storefronts for PC games, Steam has added many new features to improve the experience for users. Interactive Recommendations, Play Next Suggestions, and more improved search tools are just a couple that has been rolled out recently. One interesting upcoming experiment is, “micro-trailers.” These will provide a short preview of a game in just a few seconds.

Just last year Steam had re-balanced it’s an algorithm to try make games that were already popular show up less. This helps games that are gaining new popularity to get some attention. Steam has always tried to make the user experience the best it could possibly be and community recommendations will help that. Be sure to check back for more information on new projects and ideas coming to the platform.

How do you guys feel about user reviews showing up on the homepage now? Do you use Steam? If so, how do you feel about the review system currently? Let us know on Twitter @Games_Bulletin. 

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