State of Decay 2 Will Be At E3

State of Decay
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Jeff Strain, head of Undead Labs, the braaaains behind zombie survival title State of Decay, has announced that the sequel is heading to E3 2017.

The popular survival sim was released back in 2013 and Strain has announced that the release date will be revealed at E3 along with “gameplay, systems, and so much more”.  In a post on the official website, Strain put out a holiday post praising fans and sharing news about the future of State of Decay, as well as giving away a festive wallpaper for those who want it.

State of Decay
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For those who missed State of Decay the first time around, it is a third person zombie survival horror but with a focus on survival rather than kills. Players are faced with a range of problems such as diminishing resources and group morale and emphasis is placed on the player leadership skills. Players fight, shoot, sneak and strategise their way through the environment, scavenging and exploring in an effort to stay alive.

For those wanting to try the original story, it is available for Xbox 360 and Windows as well as a remastered version called the Year-One Survival edition on the Xbox One.

Are you looking forward to the sequel? What are you hoping to see from the next instalment? Let us know in the comments section below!

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