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Battlefront II
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Today saw the reveal trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II being unleashed unto the world, and there are certainly some interesting things in it. The main thing being that the game will have it’s own storyline that follows an Empire soldier, but more on that in a bit. There is also game engine footage of Rey and Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens, Darth Maul from The Phantom Menace and even a glimpse of that iconic green guy Yoda.

As I said earlier the game will have it’s own single player campaign, something that many felt was missing from the game’s 2015 reboot. This story will follow Iden Versio, a commander of Inferno Squad; an Imperial Special Forces unit that operates both on the ground and in space. The campaign is reported to span 30 years, and promises many of Star Wars’ greatest characters. The multiplayer seems fairly similar to the 2015 reboot; 40 players in numerous maps from the Star Wars universe, customisation and progress. Star Wars Battlefront II will also support offline split-screen co-op.

What many of you will be happy to hear is that space battles will be making a return in the sequel. The section on the game’s website reads:

“Wage war in spectacular space battle scenarios. Weave between asteroids, fly across Imperial Dock Yards, and take down massive capital ships. Pilot renown craft like the Millennium Falcon or Luke Skywalker’s X-wing in exciting dogfights with up to 24 players.”

Being a modern AAA game there are of course pre-order bonuses. Namely that pre-ordering any edition of Star Wars Battlefront II will grant you access to in-game rewards and early access to the game prior to its worldwide launch. The game is set to release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 17th 2017. Which, fun fact, is exactly 2 years after the reboot released in North America.

Are you excited for Battlefront II? I tried not to get excited for games these days but with Yoda, Darth Maul and space battles it’s proving very hard not to. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me @bulletin_ben!

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