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Sony have updated their “Share Factory”, as Sony thrives on maintaining that the Ps4 is a gaming entertainment system. With their latest update 2.0, the user is able to capture 4K pictures and 1080P videos.

GIF mode has to be the most entertaining feature in the new 2.0 version update. Gamers are now able to capture a small snippet of their favourite game, adding a tagline which can both be entertaining as well as providing a good chuckle to a few of your friends.

Another feature which I personally found to be of some use would be the photo mode. It allows you to capture 16 phones into a collage mesh, where you’re able to screenshot your favourite scenes in a game or viewpoints. I personally think it would prove much use to people either on YouTube, Twitter as gamers with a large following cam promote their gameplay.

With the new update, 2.0 Share Factory has in stock; you can now edit videos with cool new features such as slowing down the video or fast forwarding videos. Along with this if you are providing commentary with gaming, you can edit your background. It is pretty neat and another way to connect the gamer with its audience. 

Overall I would say that the 2.0 update adds some pretty cool features which gamers will enjoy for a very long time. It would more cater to those who edit videos for their personal business such as YouTubers or people on Twitter. It adds an extra flavour to their audience as well as providing to be entertaining with the GIF mode.

If you haven’t as of yet, do check out the new Share Factory update, which I am sure will prove to be hours of fun and I hope to hear from you all soon.

If you haven’t please do tell us about your experience with it and whether you will for a long time to come?

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