However, this doesn't necessarily mean a new game is on the way ...
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Syphon Filter is a series that holds a dear place in many hearts of the gamers who were gaming back in the PS1 days of gaming. The series began in 1999, and continued until 2007, spanning PS1, PS2 and PSP. The first two games were well received, getting review scores exceeding 80% at the time of release. However the series kind of fizzled out and is one of those series that, given the industry’s current remastering habits, many had hoped would be making a comeback.

However Twitter user Gematsu tweeted an image showing that Sony have trademarked Syphon Filter. I discovered this via NeoGAF, and many on there were excited for the possible revival of the series. One user however shared the same mentality as me; Sony may just be renewing the trademark. This is common practice with publishers, as it means they retain the sole right to use the IP’s name. Renewing this trademark means that only Sony can publish or create any Syphon Filter content, and unfortunately doesn’t mean that a new instalment is on the way. It’s also something we can’t entirely rule out.

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